A Time to Rise: COVER REVEAL & Giveaway

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You guys – the cover for A TIME TO RISE: (OUT OF TIME BOOK 3) is finally here!

I usually don’t freak out over new covers.

Until now

Maybe because I’ve never been so invested in a series before. Maybe it’s because I have made friends with Nadine.

Maybe because the the last two covers of the previous two books in the Out of Time series were not just your average book covers. A title and some kind of model-like figure or some catchy, cliche picture or image…nope, not these covers.

Covers of A Time to Die and A Time to Speak

These covers actually reveal little spoiler-like tidbits about what might could very well possibly happen(s) in the book! This is one huge reason I am excited about the book cover for A Time to Rise.

The first cover indicates that Parvin, our main character, is eventually going to…

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