Thanks for keeping me on my toes

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Today’s thank you goes to John Maberry, gentleman from N. VA, author, lawyer, and former government employee. Let’s not hold the last two against him. I’m sure those experiences are good fodder for a writer.

John pointed out that I left a few important tidbits in my post about the new Amazon “Instant Preview” for books.

Oops! He’s right and I’m sorry.

Here’s what I forgot to mention.

1. You can earn additional money.

Add your Amazon Associates ID  to your book preview and you earn advertising fees. You read that right!


Once you plug-in your Amazon Associates ID, you’ll see Link updated with ID under the box. So make sure you sign up and add your ID to the link. Every little bit helps!

2. This works on all ebooks.

Not just Kindle Unlimited. Tryouts for Ben is not listed with KU but when you click on this link, viola an “Instant Preview”…

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