Guess What YOU Can Now Preorder?

Dan Alatorre

Each day this week we’ll be showing segments of a book launch.

Music to my ears.

“Congratulations! Your book “The Navigators” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store.”

TheNavigatorsFinalYep, my critically acclaimed novel The Navigators is now available for preorder. Click HERE to preorder the best book you’ll read by me so far this year.

Read a sample chapter HERE

Yeah? So?

So folks who preorder now can get Navs for just 99 cents until July 1. ON RELEASE DAY the price goes to $2.99 and we expect the final price will be $5.99 within 30 days.



Were you a beta reader? This will be your chance to publish your reviews. You can buy the book on preorder so you can enjoy it again and again on your Kindle (thank you) but you can post your honest review on July 1 with or…

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