Admitting You Are Writing In The Wrong Genre #SundayBlogShare #writers

Lucy Mitchell

5 Stages of Realising You Are Writing The Wrong Genre-4

When you start out as a writer you don’t get assigned a literary genre. It is not like Harry Potter where an enchanted hat is placed on your head and decides which literary genre team you should be in.

Finding the genre that you are most comfortable with is just one of the many crazy fun things you go through when you become a writer. My goodness there is so much to find out about yourself with this writing lark!

I believe every writer has a genre that feels like home to them. It is the one that they feel most comfortable writing in. Yes they may write stuff from other genres but their go-to genre is the one that holds a special place in their writer heart and is the one they are naturally drawn to.

Sometimes we start our literary journey thinking we have found our go-to genre…

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