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Author Interviews

Welcome to my weekly series – Author Interviews.

These blog posts are where I interview interesting authors to find out about their writing process and glean some useful info about a writer’s life.

This week I am very excited as author Isabelle Andover has agreed to sit in my chair. She currently lives in Paris so I am hoping she will bring some Parisian flair to my blog.

Hey Isabelle, welcome! Tell my readers about yourself and the book / books you have written?

Originally from England, I live with my tabby cat Oscar in Paris, where I spend far too much time drinking French wine, eating French cheese and moaning about French bureaucracy.

My debut novel, Cocktails at Le Carmen, tells the story of twenty-something Brit Chloe, who moves to Paris following an unexpected job transfer to the French capital.
Like many British expats before her, Chloe soon…

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