Writing Tip — 42

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Editing Software

When editing my stories, there’s one program that I find a great help:  SmartEdit. There are two versions of this — Stand Alone and a version that works in MS Word.

Here’s what it checks for:

Repeated Phrases List
Repeated Words List
Adverb Usage List
Monitored Words List
Redundancies List
Dialog Tag Counter
Cliché List
Separate Dialog & Prose Checks
Misused Word List
Foreign Phrase Usage List
Profanity Usage List
Suspect Punctuation List
Proper Nouns List
Acronyms List
Sentence Start List
Sentence Length Graph
Smart & Straight Quote Checker
Dash and Hyphen Checker
Word, Character & Page Count

The Repeated Words list is great. You can click on the word, it brings up a list of sentence fragments where it’s used, and then you can click on that fragment and go right to the point in the manuscript to make any changes. This is great for dealing…

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