Guest post: Epiphany Jones by Michael Grothaus

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Epiphany Jones A/W.indd

You might find it hard to believe that a book dealing with issues such as sex trafficking could have much in common with a 15th century saint, but in this guest piece author Michael Grothaus explains how Joan of Arc inspired his character Epiphany Jones.

The Correlations Between Joan of Arc and Epiphany Jones

If you’ve already read some reviews of EPIPHANY JONES you’ll know my novel deals with many topics and themes: sex trafficking, our society’s addiction to sex and celebrity, isolation in an age of mass media. But another theme the book explores is one of reason versus faith.

It’s a theme that plays out among the two main characters. Jerry Dresden is psychologically wounded addict who has long ago lost any faith he had due to multiple tragedies in his life. Then there’s Epiphany, for whom the book is named after. She quite literally believes she hears voices…

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