The Challenges of Writing a Series


My youngest daughter recently celebrated her twelfth birthday. Aside from being an enormous Potterhead, she also enjoys young adult dystopian fiction (Insurgent, The Hunger Games, etc.).

55-img-47Tonight, after dinner, she decided to embark on a mission to civilize me. Though I’ve seen The Hunger Games movie, and took both my daughters to see Mockingjay Part Two in the theatre last summer, I haven’t seen the other movies or read the books. This deficiency in my education seems (to my youngest daughter) like the height of barbarism, second only to my ignorance of whichever boy-band she’s fond of this week, and so we set out tonight to watch Mockingjay Part One.

In watching Mockingjay, though, one of the things that struck me was the challenge inherent in writing a series of related stories. I haven’t read the books, or seen the middle movie, so I can’t properly…

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