Review: “Life in a Grain of Sand” by Geoff Le Pard

Check out this book by Geoff Le Pard and look for him on an upcoming installment of 20 Questions


life-in-a-grain-finalA superbly written short story collection. Definitely a mixed bag in terms of subjects and style, yet, the great title gives away what glues them together so well: the multi-facetted variations of life.
Genre transcending these stories are well chosen snippets of life that can be found in every grain. Skillfully set up situations and characters – not an easy undertaking in the short space of 1667 words, there are many memorable and likable characters to find.
The stories can be poignant or amusing but they are always thoughtful or thought provoking and display a sensitivity and a understanding of the human psyche.
A very accomplished book that makes me look forward to the author’s novels.
Highly recommended.

About Life in a Grain of Sand.

These 30 short stories are a mixture of genres and points of view: they cover horror, espionage, through thrillers, humour, romance and MG.

From spy…

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