How to make progress on your novel without writing

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I’ve started a couple of novels and always, I mean always, reach a point where I’m stumped.

What next? I let it rest. I research. I go to another project. But above all, I keep writing and still fretting over the unfinished novels.

This past week I read an interesting post on other things a writer can do that will keep the story moving, without writing. You heard right. Without writing! Thank you SUE JOHNSON for a great list.

Number one we’ve all heard of and I’ve done.

  • Make a collage or vision board.
    • This is a great visual aide but while fun didn’t do much to move my story forward. Pinterest is a great place for a vision board or collage.collage

But I’ve got to admit I never thought about the others on her list. It amounts to walking in your characters shoes.bridal-636018_640

  • Bathroom habits.
    • Never thought about…

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