How to make a plot into a story

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Just what is the difference?

Doesn’t a good plot automatically write a good story?

Nope. Nor does a good idea turn, as if by magic, into a good story.

I have a notebook filled with good ideas and files filled with outlines that go nowhere. A lovely outline doesn’t make a good story, and few of my outlines are lovely. A story is more than a series of events.

So just what makes a good story?Story Telling

A story  makes the writer and reader feel something. It has the power of persuasion.  I included the writer because if I don’t feel persuaded, my readers certainly won’t. A writer’s job is to ensnare the reader to the degree they are willing to suspend belief and believe the impossible. That’s my goal.

Want to know more?

Chuck Wendig takes a concept that is unexplainable and gives us as close to an explanation as is possible…

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