B-Fest Author Spotlight 2: Morgan Wylie

Rachael Ritchey

MWThis is our lucky week! I have another fabulous author from my hometown to interview in celebration of Barnes & Noble’s B-Fest Teen Book Festival! Today I’d like to introduce you to Morgan Wylie. I did a spot on her books last week. Click here to check it out.

Please help me welcome Morgan Wylie to the blog today. We’re going to ask her some fun questions and learn more about this talented woman.

Let’s start with a tough, in-your-face one like . . . what makes you so damn interesting anyway? 

HA! Great question… Something interesting about me/my life: my husband and I are both stay at home “creative-preneurs” (yes, I made that word up). He is a musician turned real estate manager, investor, developer turned back musician/screenplay writer/etc. and we both passionately pursue our art and creative endeavors. In fact, he composed and created an original soundtrack…

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