Is your character hiding in the shadows?

Jean's Writing

Shadows can be cool and welcoming, or scary.

And characters hiding in the shadows can be effective.

But a story with characters that I can’t see, can’t envision or know drive me nuts. I have trouble staying with the story.

hand-984170_640Recently, I discovered a book with a good story. A who-done-it, murder mystery, police and detective type story. That left me plodding through page after page.

I’m a fast reader. But with this book I just could not get into the flow. As soon as I was cruising along, I’d stumble and fall coming to a screeching halt.

What brought me out of the story?

The characters. This book is written with three prominent characters. Three detectives partnered together to solve the crime.

The lead detective is the protagonist and her two trusty sidekicks. Throughout the story, it is easy to picture the protagonist as the writer helps us envision…

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