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Stevie Turner interview

Today on Reade and Write I welcome Stevie Turner, award-winning author of A House Without Windows and The Daughter-in-Law Syndrome, among many others. I was recently interviewed on her blog, and she’s here to promote her new book, Repent at Leisure. Welcome, Stevie!

Tell me about your new book.

My latest women’s fiction book ‘Repent at Leisure’ has been taken up by the independent publishers Creativia.  It is told from 2 perspectives; that of Paul McAdam and his fiancée Anita Fairfax.  An excerpt has made the shortlist of the U.K’s Escalator Writing Competition.

Paul wakes up to the sight of a strange woman in his bed whom he has never seen before. Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life and his Edinburgh flat with sex as her main bargaining tool, and of course Paul succumbs.  On an evening out with a friend, Paul meets Anita, the girl of his…

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