Writing: Originality vs Formula

Check out this great post on original vs. formulaic writing.


originality everything is a remix     I FEEL THAT the writing process is a continual conflict between being original and retreading old ground. The catch is, that nothing is truly original. In music the same notes are used over and over again just in different combinations. Luckily with the English language we have hundreds of thousands of ways to tell a story, instead of being limited to a few guitar strings.

In theory creating an original story should be easy then. But it isn’t mostly due to the fact writing is largely constricted to genre. Sure, there are books written that don’t fit in to one, or maybe span several genres. However if you look at any bookshop offline or on, every book has been shelved according to a genre. Let’s say you are writing a vampire story. Not original. Vampires have ahem excuse the pun been done to death. No matter where you place…

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