How to kill your character – the right way #amwriting #writing

Thinking of killing one of your characters? Do it the right way with some great tips in this post.

The Writing Chimp

If you are thinking about killing a character, it’s important to get it right.

I will talk in a moment about the rules for killing a character, but to put this in context I am going to talk about my current WIP. I have killed a few people in my book, not a lot, but I have killed a few.

I was pretty happy with my first deaths (hmm…maybe happy isn’t the word I’m looking for?) and felt I had ticked the ‘can I kill them’ check box. But when it came to a later death, I knew they had to go, keeping them alive would have been, to be honest, not very believable. So, I had ticked the ‘can I kill them’ check box, but this time it just did not feel right.

I knew they had to go…

I wrote the chapter, and I moved on…

But I felt something was wrong…


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2 thoughts on “How to kill your character – the right way #amwriting #writing

  1. Sorry Don I couldn’t resist this, but it’s the opening to my second memoir as to why I wanted to be a writer.
    I have decided that tomorrow I am going to kill Caroline. I’d like to squash her flat under a road roller, or push her off the top of the Empire State Building, but I’m not sure how I could get her there, and I suspect Health and Safety have got it securely enclosed by now. I can’t shoot her as I’ve no idea where I’d get a gun, and a knife means getting up close and personal and I don’t want her blood all over me. I could poison her, but then I don’t know very much about poisons, and I really should dispose of her in a more interesting way. I’ve grown to hate her, and I want her death to be lingering and painful.
    For months she has caused me unmentionable pain and heartache. I’ve sat up all night worrying about her, and if I give up and go to bed, her very presence has caused me to toss and turn until the early hours. I have to put an end to this. She’s got to go. So, how am I going to dispose of her?
    A combine harvester, that’s the answer!
    I will mash her to pieces in a peaceful and idyllic corn field, while the birds sing and the soft wings of the butterflies barely disturb the air. Her screams will resonate as she is dismembered into bite-sized chunks between the rotating blades and her blood spurts metres into the air turning the ripened, golden maize a brilliant red.
    Yes, that’s what I’ll do tomorrow.

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