Wanna Travel but Don’t Know How to Start?

Here is a great post from photojournalist and avid traveler Stephen Dennsteddt

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Monterrico, Guatemala Monterrico, Guatemala

You’ve read this blog for maybe four or five years, and now you wanna travel but don’t know how to start. Compared to the rest of the world Americans don’t travel much, and when they do it’s usually domestically in the United States. International travel will broaden your perspective, enrich your life, and charge you with renewed optimism and faith in mankind. United States media propaganda is rife with horror stories about international travel, but after almost five years I can tell you most of it is bunk.

The world is full of terrorists looking to kill me

I don’t speak the language

The food will make me sick

Crime against tourists is everywhere

I will get hurt

I will die 

Does any of that sound familiar? Terrorism, though well publicized, is statistically rare. Everywhere you travel, especially tourist destinations, you will find English speakers (and Google translate…

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