5 Secrets To Publishing Your Debut Novel

Here is a very helpful post from Carly Watters

Carly Watters, Literary Agent Blog

34d4f71fc9ac164fd6af6bc5770ca7e4Lots of people can write. Lots of people can (and do!) query their writing. But what does that group of people who get published do differently? Other than persistence, here are my FIVE SECRETS to set you apart from the pack–and join your peers getting published!


Notice I didn’t say “develop a platform” which is a plus, but isn’t going to score you a book deal by itself. By network I mean:

  • Join a critique group
  • Join a writing association (ITW, RWA, WFWA etc.)
  • Spend time on one social media site that suits your interests and personality (choose one! you don’t have to do it all) and build a community
  • Engage with other writers who have agents and if you become friends and have similar writing style ask for a referral to their agent


I get it, I do; you writers are creative people…

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