Self-Publishing Tip — 6

This is a great post from Anna Dobritt on formatting e-books. I’ve seen many authors simply use the print version of their books complete with headers and page numbers.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


When it comes to formatting your story for ebook publication, it’s not rocket science. When a reader opens your book, it should be easy to tell where one paragraph ends and another begins. Scene breaks should be easy to notice and the overall formatting should be full justified; not left, right or center.

screenshot2 08062015

screenshot2A 08062015

I use MS Word for the orignal writing, then import into Scrivener to create my ebook. Once I compile it, I check it out in various readers on my computer to make sure it looks good. If you don’t have the time to do  a proper job of formatting, then hire someone to do it for you. I charge 20 dollars for  short stories and 50 dollars for novels. with a good turn around time. If you are interested email me at

I have deleted so many ebooks with bad formatting. The author may have written…

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