Two New Blogging U. Courses Available On Demand

Check out these free courses from Blogging U.

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We’re excited to see that over 7,000 of you have already begun a Blogging U. course! Today, we’re adding two new courses to our on-demand library to help you push your creativity and your technical skill.

Wondering how Blogging U. on demand works? Take a look at the FAQ.

  • Blogging: Branding and Growth (previously “Blogging 201: Branding and Growth”) is ten days of tasks, tips, and advice on how to grow, attract, and retain an audience. We’ll ask you to set some goals and analyze your brand. You’ll study your stats to plan content, and we’ll help you get up to speed with social networks and optimize your blog for SEO.
  • Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration (previously “Writing 101: Finding Everyday Inspiration”) is a twenty-day course that warms up your writing muscles and helps you find inspiration in the places closest to you — but where you might not think to look. You’ll…

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