Three Kinds of Characters: Main Characters

Here is another great post from Michael Dellert on character types.


I’ve said it before: Characters are the meat and potatoes of fiction. And Main Characters are the steak and the red, rosemary-roasted potatoes, with fresh basil, oregano, and sage.

How Many Main Characters Can There Be?

At a bare minimum, two. Your protagonist and your antagonist.

But how many more can there be? It depends on the length of the work you intend to write.

I’m a fan of goal-setting—and goal-tending—on this blog. So what I do is:

  • establish the target word-count goal for the finished manuscript.
  • As the word-count grows, the number of main character viewpoints that can be sustained in scenes likewise increases.

So if you are writing a bare minimum novel of 60,000 words, you can probably only have the two main characters, possibly three.

And you may not have the opportunity to use the antagonist’s viewpoint.

But if you’re writing something epic in length and scope…

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