Here is an interesting post breaking down the various generations in comparison to millenials

Lyf Mindset Strategies

My first noticeable awareness of the generational gap between my generation and the millennials was at my place of employment. I shared first-hand knowledge to a classroom of students about the Civil Rights Era.  During the Civil Rights Era, I was around six years of age, but I remember some of the events leading to the historical landmark.

While talking to the students, I realized many did not know or understand the significance of the movement. There were some students who barely knew who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was and that became an awakening to me.  Even more so, most of the teachers were not born until after the Civil Rights Era.  At this point, I accepted I had become a part of a transcendental movement.

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m part of the baby boomers generation. You know the story, the baby boomer name is coined…

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