Do you know how to use Google forms?

Here is a helpful post on the topic of Google Forms.

Jean's Writing

You might be surprised how handy these forms will come in.

I haven’t built up an email list. I know, I just heard every successful author and blogger out there groan. Like you, I’ve read how important a list can be to stay in touch with readers.

However, I’m not ready to sign up with a service like MailChimp yet. And I’ve got enough on my plate what with the blog and my little sideline called writing.

This is where Google forms come in.

Need to send out a quick request for info, make a form and send it to friends, families, attach it to your blog, Facebook page or Tweet it out.

You can make all types of custom forms to meet whatever info you need.

Like this form, I made, asking for readers to review my little 32-page children’s picture book. She’s making her debut next week.

If you’d…

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