Revenge Of The Blurb

Here’s a great post from Dan Alatorre on the subject of writing blurbs.

Dan Alatorre

3No, I am not switching to this as my author image. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

We’ll be working on a blurb for The Navigators soon, and I thought I’d get in some practice. Figured you could use some, too.

Practice? For a blurb?


See, just like we had to learn to steer clear of adverbs (per Stephen King, “The road to Hell is paved with adverbs” – sounds like we should steer clear to me) and avoid cliches like the plague, we had to learn to tell our stories in an interesting manner. We learned to create memorable characters.

We learned all that stuff.

And then comes the BLURB, a demon of its own realm, short but not too short, interesting without giving stuff away…

The Blurb may be the second most important thing in selling your book.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. We’re assuming you…

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