Censoring Our Writing

How far do you go in censoring your writing? Check out this interesting post from Anna Dobritt on this topic.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Censoring Our Writing

How far should a writer go when they create a story? Should certain things be taboo? Should the writer censor their work for fear they might offend someone? Should they censor their creative endeavor by not touching on some topics? Is the writer responsible if a reader acts out something from their book that harms or kills another? What about books written for children and young adults? Should every story carry some sort of lesson? These questions have popped up and they trouble me.

Most people that read do it for one of several reasons:

Entertainment. The reader wants to escape into another world, free from his or her own worries and cares.

They read to learn something: maybe they want to learn about ancient civilizations, or the history of a county.

Improving their life. They want to improve their memory or a certain set of skills…

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