Three Kinds of Characters: Back to the Minors

Here is a great post on character types


Last week, we talked a little about the three primary “types” of characters, and focused a little on the least-important ones, the walk-ons. Today, we’re going to talk about Minor Characters.

But first, a quick review: The three types of characters in terms of importance, and the distinctions between them:

  1. Walk-ons. You don’t develop these characters at all. They’re intended to be “just folk,” people in the background. They’re only purpose is to lend realism or perform a specific function, and then they’re gone, forgotten.
  2. Minor characters. These characters make a difference in the plot, but a reader isn’t supposed to get emotionally invested in them, whether positively or negatively. The reader doesn’t expect them to keep showing up in the story. Their desires and actions might cause a plot-twist, but they play no part in the unfolding drama. A minor character does one or two things in the story…

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