How I Charge For Ghostwriting or Editing

For those of you looking for writing services, here are some very reasonable prices.

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Although I have a single devoted client, one client does not pay the bills. As an author, neither does my current lineup of books. Though this boggles my mind, due to the reviews I have received, perhaps it shouldn’t. This means that I have to find other clients to help add to what I bring in from my main client.

While I understand that most newbies and struggling authors cannot afford a huge sum of money-as far as cost goes-I also know that you cannot undercharge or you will not make enough to do much good. With this said, below are my fees.


up to 7000 words-$35

up to 8,000 words-$40

9000 words-$45

10,000 words-$50

anything above 10,000-add $5/1000 words.

In other words, if you want a 50,000 word total, you would be paying a total of $250.  Yes, I know that this a rather high price, but I…

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