Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategies – 4/28/16

Here are some great tips to keep the quality of your blog at a high level.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Are you able to recognize the differences between blogs with hundreds of followers and blogs that have 10,000+ followers?

I recently spent time reviewing the top 10 blogs by readership to identify their common characteristics  and I noticed some glaring differences in the quality and consistency of their content compared to some of the content (including mine) I read each day on WordPress.  So for today’s blogging tips, advice and blog strategies post, I thought I would list and discuss the factors that I think make for quality content based on my analysis of the top blogs.  Every post is not going to contain each item listed, but should contain most:

  1. Content must be relevant and interesting.  One way for bloggers to do this is to keep their thumb on the pulse of trending topics to inspire content.  For instance, yesterday I created a post about the LGBT legislation issue happening…

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