How to find the right title for your novel

Here is a great post on finding a title for your novel

Jean's Writing

No? Me neither. 

But, with the help of a lot of wonderful bloggers and writers who post “how-to” info, I’m getting better at understanding what makes a good title.

My word for the A-Z Challenge and the letter T is:


Over the past year, I’ve read a lot about titles and to be honest, I think I chose the wrong one for Tryouts for Ben. It was number five or six in a long list of working titles. But by the time that little book was ready I couldn’t decide and I all but flipped a coin. Not a good way to pick a final title.

So, how do you pick a good title for a book?

Most writers start with a working title, and usually as the story progresses other titles begin to emerge. Or so I’ve heard.

Other writers, probably more seasoned pros, know at the…

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