Two Promotions!

Be sure to check out these promotions from Stevie Turner.

Stevie Turner

Just to let you know of two promotions running concurrently later on this week:

Publishers Creativia are running a promotion on Kindle Unlimited for my women’s fiction/drama novel ‘Repent at Leisure’, which will be just $0.99 on from April 29th – May.

Repent at Leisure Complete.jpg

I’m a bit of a wanderer, and love to walk along the country footpaths and by-ways around my Suffolk village. The peace and tranquillity gives me the inspiration I need in order to think up plots.  Originally with Repent at Leisure I was tramping along the side of a wheat field and had the two main characters, Paul and Anita McAdam, stuck in my head, and was all set to write a mainly psychological tale based on the effect on their marriage of Paul’s increasingly erratic behaviour.

Paul is a troubled soul, brought up with his brother in a dysfunctional family. This childhood legacy has left Paul an angry…

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