Search & Destroy!

Here are some great tips for getting rid of unnecessary words in your writing.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Search & Destroy!

Sidling through the densely packed words, you close in on your target, red pen or delete button at hand. You know you can’t hesitate when you take out the target. The word you aim for must go! DELETE! Another unnecessary word bites the dust.

I’m currently doing a major edit of my manuscript. Going through it literally line by line, asking myself what needs to go, what needs to stay, what can be rewritten to make it tighter, allowing a smooth flow. I used Hemingway Editor for the first run through of each chapter. The program highlighted the adverbs, hard to read sentences, passive voice instances, and spelling errors. Took a few days to get this done, but I found the task worthwhile. When making the changes to the manuscript, I made other changes to continue the flow of the words.

A wonderful man by the name…

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