Social Media For Authors, part 2

Here are some great tips for driving traffic to your blog from Twitter

Dan Alatorre

Last week, I talked a little about social media (HERE), and in the comments/replies, I mentioned

how I drive crazy amounts of traffic to my blog using my secret method on Twitter.

It’s not really a secret. If you follow me on Twitter (my handle is Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

@savvystories) you’d see me do it. Which is what I said last week.

But me being the guy I am, I also explained that knowing WHAT to do is maybe half the battle. You need a strategy. You need a plan. You need to know that a strategy and a plan are the same thing, probably. And you need to execute the plan – as in, you have to do it.

So, what do I do?

I go to the bottom of a blog post and click the Twitter button to post it to Twitter.

twitter example 11twitter example 12.jpg

But instead…

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