Body language chart: Part one:

Here is a great printable about body language. Look for part 2 as well.

From Kaw’s Desk:

Body language is important because a lot of our emotions and intentions are broadcast by non-verbal communication. You assume a dog is friendly because it’s mouth it hanging open, it’s tongue is lolling around, it’s ears are up and there’s a sparkle in it’s eyes, usually accompanied by some tail wagging. They can’t talk and yet they get their message across.

Standing by the door: “Hey human, we need to go outside or you’re going to get a mess on the floor.”
Staring at you while you’re doing something: “Hey hairless wonder, pet me/I’m lonely. You’re lonely and need to pet me.”
Head flopped onto the floor and a sigh: “You disappoint me, biped.”
Food bowl sent careening across the floor: “Fill this!”

We do the same thing, but without the tail wagging. (Although some of us do have some wag in our walks.) It’s very important…

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