Shameless Plug Time

Shameless promotionThis post is to let you know that I’m not just that annoying blogger with posts that show up in your reader every day. I’m also an annoying author with books to tell you about.

So here are all of the gory details of how to see what I have to offer:

Book Page

I’ve launched a book page. Please check it out when you have a chance by clicking HERE.

websiteYou can find my web site HERE:

Facebook page

I have a Facebook author page you can find HERE:

amazon page

You can check out my Amazon author page HERE:


Follow me on Twitter @dmassenzio


I’m also on Goodreads

I think I’m on other social media outlets as well, but these are quite enough if you want to contact me.

My main focus on WordPress is to be a blogger that helps other authors and meets other bloggers. That being said, there are bills to pay and a future career to nurture so thank you for indulging my occasional promotional posts.




8 thoughts on “Shameless Plug Time

  1. Hi Don, I friended you on Gooodreads and just checked out your book page. There is an international link that you can get for Amazon. This link will send the user to whatever Amazon is appropriate for their country. You get the link here: I use it for my book and this is what it looks like: I will now check out your other links.

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