How Copywriting Has Helped My Fiction

Here’s a great post on the link between copywriting and fiction

Kate M. Colby

wine corksAs you may know, by day I am a copywriter at a wine marketing company. Essentially, I write product descriptions, tasting notes, and catalog spreads about wine. Oh, and I do get to sample my fair share, too!

Now, a lot of writers say that, if you must have a day job, it shouldn’t be related to writing. I get that. Mentally, there are some days where I feel as if I have no more words to give the world. Physically — now this is where the real toll hits. Some days, I’m so sore from sitting at a desk for hours, and my fingers are so tired that they barely want to move (I’m just counting down the days until carpal tunnel syndrome really hits. I know it’s coming.). On those days, writing fiction after work is literally painful.

But, despite those few negatives, I’ve actually found that copywriting…

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5 thoughts on “How Copywriting Has Helped My Fiction

  1. You put out so much wealth of information. Your blog is a writer’s heaven. Its definitely my resource base to use now and to prepare in the future when I decide to publish. I appreciate how you unselfishly use your expertise as well as introduce readers to other experienced authors.

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  2. I was an ad sales person in a ski resort town that had an alternative newsweekly format paper. We even had to collate and deliver in the middle of winter at 3am? But I wrote and conceived of lots of copy. Then I relapsed (cocaine) threw away a year of clean time (again) and got fired. I took my skill set and honesty over to the alternative rock radio station for ad sales and wrote and performed radio ads before finding my calling as a disc jockey. Later sold real estate and wrote many a one sheet. I love copywriting.

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