Who Lurks There? Friend or Foe?

Here’s a great post by Anna Dobritt on the topic of antagonists in your writing.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Who Lurks There? Friend or Foe?

In another article, Getting to Know You, I covered the main character, your protagonist. Today I’m  covering the bad guy. He or she is your antagonist. This person is responsible for making life difficult for your main character and the supporting characters.

As you did with your main character, do a write up for the antagonist. Perhaps something in the his background made him what he is today. You need to know this character as well as your main character. Why does he/she hate your main character? Did they have some sort of encounter years before, leaving the antagonist angry or embarrassed? Does the main character have something the antagonist wants? Maybe there was an accident causing the antagonist to go from good to bad. Write a back story, explaining in detail what happened. This doesn’t need to go in the book, but…

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