Time to Don the Armor

This is a great post on the subject of critiques. In my opinion, there are those that do critiques that truly want to be helpful and those that suffer from ‘sour grapes’ syndrome. Anna explains it well in this post.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Today I’m going to touch on the subject of critiques. So there you are, putting the finishing touches on the manuscript you finished, thinking, Damn, this is good! A best seller for sure! Of course you think it’s great, after all you wrote it. What could possibly be wrong with it? Time to have someone else read it. Fine, we’ll let some family members read it. They give it back, giving you high praise for such a remarkable story. Cool! You believe you are one step closer to reaching the top of the best seller list. You are flying high with the praise. So you ask a couple of friends to read it. One tells you it’s great, send it out to be published. The other, well, they have a few suggestions about the characters and the storyline. They suggest you join a group to get your work critiqued.


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