Do you know how important hooks are?

Here is a great post on the topic of hooks in writing.

Jean's Writing

Extremely. Without hooks, the reader stops reading.


Today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge   is H.

H= Hooks

Hooks are needed throughout the story, not just in the beginning.

Everyone knows about the Opening Hook. That first paragraph that grabs or catches the reader’s attention. Or not. This is your chance to win or lose the reader.

But, that’s just the beginning. Once you have the reader’s attention, you must keep it.

That’s the job of the hooks. Scattered throughout the story or essay, hooks persuade the reader to keep going. Always enticing them to turn the page.

So, just what have y’all taught me about Hooks?

There are several different hooks:

Fish Hooks - A Variety (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • First sentence – hooks the reader to read the first paragraph.
  • First Paragraph – lures the reader deeper into the chapter.
  • Dialog – engages the reader in the conversation.
  • Scene – determines if…

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