Media Coverage for Blood Orange

I’ve been very fortunate with the publication of Blood Orange to receive some very good media coverage. I did a couple of things with this book that I hadn’t tried with previous ones and they paid off to some extent.

First, I picked an event that was tangible and took place in a real place. I did this hoping to get the attention of the media in that place and it worked. I wrote about my hometown and made the story about a real historical event that took place there, the explosion of the munitions plant at Split Rock near my hometown of Syracuse, New York that occurred in 1918. I then tied the story to a beloved event in Syracuse, college basketball.


When I sent a press release to the Syracuse newspaper, it immediately got coverage in the article shown HERE.


The second tactic that I used, at the suggestion of Brian Fogarty, the inspiration for the story, was to use a real television reporter from Syracuse in the story. I made sure to get her permission and let her preview the section that featured her. She not only agreed, but talked up the book to the producer of the local talk show and it resulted in the interview featured HERE.

I don’t have the ability to directly track this media coverage to sales of the book only to say that it is my best selling book to date. You might think some of these tactics are shameless, but I don’t think they compromised the story and, hey, they worked.

I look forward to your comments.


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