New Book/New Blog Status

So I took the plunge and paid the $99 to upgrade my WP blog to premium status and I’d love to tell you about all of the improvements I’ve seen from doing so, but I can’t because I really don’t see any.

I still can’t use plugins and I can’t quite get my blog to look the way I want it to. There is one new capability, however, that I’m trying out and that’s embedding a video in my blog. It’s the trailer for my new book, Frankly, My Dear, which is now available for pre-order.

The beta readers are liking it so far. One even told me it’s the best book of the four book series. Here is a synopsis:

Frank Rozzani, a transplant to Jacksonville, Florida from Syracuse, New York, has left his tragic past as a police officer behind for life as a private detective. Frank and his partner Clifford “Jonesy” Jones work with the local police to solve crimes that are virtually unsolvable.

In Frankly My Dear, the fourth in the Frank Rozzani Detective Series of novels, Frank and Jonesy are at it again and this time the case is one of the most bizarre that they have faced. Their latest client, arrested for domestic abuse, swears that he is the victim of one of the most vengeful women on the face of the earth.

Frank and Jonesy must determine if their client is telling the truth. As they become investigate the case, they again pay a personal price for their involvement. Is their client trying to get away with his crime or is his ex-girlfriend continually coming up with new ways to damage him and his reputation?

Follow them as they navigate the twists and turns in this exciting new installment in the series, Frankly My Dear.

You can pre-order a copy today by clicking on the cover image below:

Front Cover

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