A Timely Tale

I had no idea when I wrote Blood Orange that my hometown team would actually reach the Final Four in the NCAA men’s championship basketball tournament. They do in the book and it’s just eerie that, against all odds, they actually did it this year. Not only the men’s team, but also the women’s team from Syracuse University will be going to the final four.


I happen to be in Syracuse this weekend and the atmosphere is exciting. In Blood Orange I actually have the championship taking place in Syracuse. It is an exciting college basketball town. Just having their teams in the games this weekend leads to a palpable feeling of unity as everyone seems to be wearing their team colors. I passed by a shop that is making special t-shirts for the event and they were inundated with fans buying merchandise.

Blood Orange leads to a tragedy centered on the game. It is certainly not something I would wish to happen, but the idea is how vulnerable events like this and others where many people gather. These soft targets are ones that we have witnessed attacks on in Paris, Brussels and here in the US at events like the Boston Marathon. They are vulnerable.

As Blood Orange points out, the culprits aren’t always who we expect in these attacks.

If you’re looking for a thriller that delves into this subject, check out Blood Orange and, this Final Four weekend, GO ORANGE.

Blood Orange Cover


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