Beginning, Muddle, and End

Some great advice from Anna Dobritt for shaping up your middle…in your writing.

Anna Dobritt -- Author


Beginning, Muddle, and End

No matter what you write, be it flash fiction, short story, novella, or a novel; everyone of these formats has something in common. The Beginning, the Middle (Muddle), and the End. This is also called the story arc.

The Beginning of your story introduces the main characters, their goals, conflicts, and the tone. You introduce the setting of the story as well. The tone of your story depends on the genre you have picked: paranormal, romance, science fiction, thriller, mystery. Mood is another thing to keep in mind. Is it dark, light-hearted, humorous, satirical? Keep the mood and tone consistent throughout the story.

This is where you draw the reader into the story, grabbing their interest to continue reading. Writing the beginning is the easiest part. You know who your protagonist(s) and antagonist(s) are; you know the supporting cast, and you know what conflicts your protagonist…

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