How to Cope With Getting Emotional After Writing the End of Your Story #writers

Here’s a great post that deals with coming to the end of writing your story or novel


Writing the End of Your Story

The idea for this blog post came to me after I finished writing the final epsiode of theDiary of Roxy Collins series(to be published on my blog in the next few weeks) and I was left an emotional wreck.

I was sobbing, reaching for the tissues, blowing my nose loudly and making whimpering noises as I wrote the final scene.

After wiping my eyes I quickly nipped onto a Writer’s Facebook group and posed the question – am I the only one who feels like an emotional wreck after writing the end of a story? It seems I am not alone.

Here are some reasons why you might find yourself lying on the floor sobbing your heart out, after writing the final chapter of your story:

  1. As a writer you live through the eyes of your character so by the end of a good story you both will…

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