How to avoid the Vanishing Act and Dreaded 404 Error

Here is a great post that deals with handling broken links.

Jean's Writing

I wish there was a fool-proof way!

But I doubt there is. Not totally. 

Here’s what happens.

A blogger gives a little bit of information. “Hey guys, look what I found. Go to this other website link and read all about it.”

But, what I didn’t understand was that weeks could pass before you read my blog and that “other website” might have moved or gone kaput. Which happens more and more as people tire of blogging or switch blogging platforms. 

Depending on the server, you’ll get something like this but the message will be the same. Nobody is home. 

404 page

Readers got the Vanishing Act and Dreaded 404 Error which made me look bad.

Not wanting to bill myself as some writing guru I was doing this more and more on my blog. However, recently I found myself irritated with another website when every link gave me the 404 finger. I…

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