Short Story Submission Sucks Spectacularly

Here is a great post on the hoops writers are asked to jump through. My first short story submission that was accepted resulted in no pay and I had to buy the publication to see it.


rejection-and-how-to-deal-short storiesALLITERATION. OH YEAH!!!

In the process of writing the word ‘submission’ seems highly apt. We as writers cower and fret over the quality of our writing, praying, wishing and hoping the dark editorial overlords will accept us for who we are, for what we have produced. In a way it is sadomasochistic, because depending on the publication and how highly they regard themselves, we are powerless once we agree to submit, like a dog rolling over at the feet of its master, desperate for a belly rub to acknowledge our presence.

Having found Rejectomancer’s tips on Cover Letters and related information highly useful I’m going on a kamikaze mission for the rest of the month, populating the submissions inbox of various publications in the desperate hope that one of them will accept me, like a comedian airing their soul in front of one person. Does one person even constitute…

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