Everything Must Go! – Well, not really

cp_wph_series_everythingmustgoI am in the process of laying the groundwork for my new book in the Frank Rozzani Series that will be going on sale for pre-order in early April and for release in late April.

To recognize this upcoming release, I am reducing the prices of all of my books. I want to attract new readers and encourage those that have read one or two of my books to read more.

With this in mind, the prices for all of my books have been reduced to $2.99 with the exception of Frankly Speaking and Random Tales, which are priced at $.99. My Frank Rozzani Boxed Set, which includes Frankly Speaking, Let Me Be Frank, Frank Incensed and the bonus short story, Lucy’s Christmas Miracle has been reduced to $4.99.

Please check out these deals on my BOOK PAGE and thank you for your continued support.


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