7 Signs You’re an Author and Parent

This is a great post that resonates with me. My 8 year old seems inspired to write books as well. We were working on her cookbook last night. Inspiring her makes it worth it.

Legends of Windemere

Star Wars Meme Star Wars Meme

First, I tried to find ‘Parenthood Memes’ and I got a lot of stuff that I don’t want to talk about here.  Just think about that first word and you might figure out the terrifying, unfunny stuff I found.  This is probably going to come more from the father’s side, so just a warning there.

  1. You are staring at your manuscript, which you printed out because you prefer to edit by hand.  Something is wrong with it even though the printer worked and you haven’t even started.  Crayon!  That’s right.  This one doesn’t have crayon all over it with the phrase ‘I help’ scrawled at the bottom.
  2. You yell at your characters for messing up a scene and threaten to turn this story around if they don’t behave.  The villain is now in the corner to think about what he did and the love story has fallen…

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