Rule #1: You MUST Talk About WRiTEClub2016!

The first rule of WriTEClub2016…

Melissa A. Graham

Recently, I entered a little contest called WRiTEClub. Basically, you anonymously enter a 500 word under a pen name, they vett the entries (there were hundreds this year!) through a panel of judges until there are 30 WRiTERS, and they match those entries up in bouts each day. Today has marked the end of week one, where 10 WRiTERS battle it out in 5 bouts. How do they choose the winner?

They don’t. YOU do.

In order to be declared a winner, people like you need to come onto the site, read the entries and use the comment section to vote (and give a small critique). The entry with the most votes moves on to the next round and so on.

The catch?

You can tell NO ONE which pen name you are writing under. Sorry. The votes must come simply from love of the writing… something I can…

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