Writing in Third Person Multiple Selective

Here is a great post on the subject of using third person multiple selective.

The BiaLog

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

Today, I want to talk about writing in Multiple Selective. This is a technique that can be used in first, second, or third person. It’s a style that, like Limited, is universal in how it can be used. That makes it pretty simple, but there is always one problem with it. No one knows what it is.

I seriously found the term by accident when I was researching different styles in defense of using Omniscient (We all learn for one reason or another, right? lol). It’s called by as many names as there are hours in the week, but the words “Selective” or “Multiple” are used in almost every instance. It’s also a prevalent style that’s often confused with Limited, and with good reason.

Simply put, Multiple Selective is a combination of Limited and Omniscient. Basically, it’s usually scene or chapter breaks to show a…

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