Join in on my Author Interviews


During the past couple of weeks, I have begun sharing interviews with other authors. So far, you can check out interviews with:

If you’d like a little bit of exposure and a chance to tell your fellow bloggers and potential readers about yourself on a different platform, just reach out to me at and I’ll get you scheduled.


21 thoughts on “Join in on my Author Interviews

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  2. I’m glad to see that your generous offer is getting a good response, Don. Cool. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    I’ll send you a note. If you still have room, maybe we can do something about The Guitar Mancer novel I’m serializing on my blog. Happy St Patrick’s Weekend. Hugs. :mrgreen:


  3. Do you do consulting for authors? I have a project, a really short nonfiction, narrow audience mental health thing and I wonder how much money I’ll have to spend to get it up. Writing it? A Snap. I’m really quick. Thanks for all the likes of my articles. You seem like a cool Cat. Point being, I have a non fiction thing I need to do then a memoir that reads stranger than fiction, then a few first person fiction things about my life in alternative radio. Right now, building platform.

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